St. Vincent de Paul Society relocates Vinnies Superstore in New Norfolk

After offering support and services to the New Norfolk community for over 50 years, the St. Vincent de Paul Society has announced they are relocating their Vinnies store from its current location on Burnett Street in New Norfolk to its new premises. The new Vinnies Superstore is three times larger and located in the main shopping precinct at 44 High Street, New Norfolk. The official opening will occur onsite at 10.30 am on Wednesday July 25.

Proceeds from the Vinnies Superstore will be used to fund the Society’s many outreach and charitable activities within the New Norfolk community and across southern Tasmania.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society’s CEO, Ms Lara Alexander said that the New Norfolk Vinnies Superstore will have over three times the floor space of the old store; and will be packed with a wide range of pre-loved clothing, homewares, manchester, furniture, books, footwear, and accessories.

“Vinnies Superstore in New Norfolk will be one of the first in southern Tasmania to be either relocated to bigger and better locations, or refurbished to improve the customer experience when they support the St. Vincent de Paul Society and our programmes,” Ms Alexander said.

“At any one time, Vinnies Superstore will stock over 6,000 items of clothing alone. That’s 6,000 pieces of clothing that have been sorted, modestly priced, and prepared for sale. This also represents 6,000 pieces of clothing we have diverted from landfill, which helps the environment as well as people and families in need.

“St. Vincent de Paul Society’s commitment to new or refurbished stores follows an international trend towards purchasing pre-loved clothing.

“According to a 2019 report by GlobalData, here is a world-wide boom in the resale apparel and second-hand goods market. The report reveals that the market is currently worth $24 billion per annum; with expected growth to $51 billion by 2024. A staggering  56 million women purchased pre-loved clothing or second-hand products in 2018, an increase of 12 million new consumers over the previous year.

“Researchers found that the re-sale customer is no longer a niche group, it’s everyone; and that 51 per cent of re-sale shoppers plan to spend even more on pre-loved and second-hand goods in the next five years. The increase is, in part, due to Millennials and Gen Z; who are 2.5 times more likely to purchase pre-loved items. Vintage is in vogue. These are some of the reasons the Society embarked upon a complete overhaul of its retail offering. The added advantage of purchasing from a Vinnies Superstore is that all profits go to a very worthy cause.

“Our fabulous team of committed volunteers have been working non-stop to bring Vinnies new superstore to life. The 6,000 items across the New Norfolk Vinnies Superstore will give locals and visitors an amazing opportunities to pick up a bargain, and dress the whole family from top to toe; knowing their purchase will helps clothe, feed, and provide shelter to those in need,” Ms Alexander said.

The new Vinnies Superstore is located at 44 High Street, New Norfolk. The store will open from 9-5, Monday to Saturday.

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