State Council

State Councils are formed to provide a link between grass roots groups within the Society, known as ‘Conferences’. To find out more about conferences and the work they do please visit the Become a Member and Volunteer pages of this website. The State Council sits between the National Council and the conferences. In Tasmania, the State Council meet on a regular basis. The frequency, manner, and agenda of the meetings are determined by the Council and its determinations are then disseminated as appropriate to the members and administration of the Society.

The current members of the State Council are:

State President – Mark Gaetani
Secretary – Brendan McManus
Vice President – Corey McGrath
Treasurer – Kersti Evans
Spiritual Adviser – Belinda Chapman
President – Southern Region – John Moore
President – Northern Region – Vyvyan Allchin
President – North West Region – Anne Rowe
Youth Representative – Samuel Johnstone

To contact members of State Council, please use the telephone numbers or contact form on the Contact Us page of this website.

Mark Gaetani
State President
Brendan McManus
Corey McGrath
Vice President
John Moore
President – Southern Region
Vyvyan Allchin
President – Northern Region
Anne Rowe
President – Northwest Region
Belinda Chapman
Spiritual Adviser
Samuel Johnstone
Youth Representative
Kersti Evans