will you take up the challenge and sleep rough for one night?

friday 24th june 2022. commencing at 6pm


Our annual sleepout event this year is the Vinnies Community Sleepout! This event is designed to involve all interested individuals, schools, and organisations in our community.


The challenge is to sleep rough for one night and raise awareness and vitally needed funds to combat the issue of homelessness in Tasmania.

what is it about?

On the night of the Community Sleepout, participants will ‘sleep rough’ for one night in all sorts of places – in their backyards, cars, garages, tents, school halls or gymnasiums, and more. As these participants replicate similarly what a night in the life of someone experiencing homelessness may go through, they gain unique insight into the complex issues that these people can face.

This is a virtual event where participants (individuals, groups of friends, and schools/community groups) can participate online. There will be a range of guest speakers throughout the evening as well as recommended activities and resources to allow participants to achieve the full experience.

Night of

Create your Vinnies Sleepout Fundraiser at the link below. Share this link with friends and family who want to support your mission of raising awareness for homelessness and inspiring action from the community.

If you cannot participate in the event, but you would still like to support the cause, you can donate directly to the St Vincent de Paul Society Tasmania’s Community Sleepout event at the link below.

what you will need
  • A place to sleep (we recommend setting up a tent in the backyard or sleeping on the lounge room floor)
  • Bedding
  • Warm Clothes
  • A torch and alarm clock (preferably not on your phone)
how to get involved
  • Get parental permission (if under 18)
  • Sign up and set up your fundraiser
  • Set up for the night (bedding, warm clothes, alarm)
  • Go to the Vinnies Youth Tas Facebook page and join in on our live video at 6pm
  • Complete our night-of activities and tasks