Good Works

The St Vincent de Paul Society’s members and volunteers reach out to the most vulnerable in our community through our Conferences, Special Works and, of course, our 24 Vinnies Shops across the Tasmania.

Our members and volunteers assist people in need with a host of programs; and we do not discriminate against cultural, religious, or political beliefs.

As well as our Vinnies Shops, which are the ‘front door’ to our organisation, the Society is involved in many activities. You might have seen our Vinnies and Loui’s Vans serving hot drinks and nourishing meals to the homeless and those in need. Our Members also visit the lonely and the elderly; while our dedicated Youth and Schools teams look after the younger generations to keep them engaged with their communities and to offer positive reinforcement and encouragement in challenging times. The Society also offers respite to those in need in our facilities, such as Bethlehem House and Marillac House.

From a community perspective, Vinnies raises and distributes thousands of dollars every month so those in need can feed their families, pay utility bills, find suitable accommodation, escape family violence and offer financial counselling in times of economic need. Some of the service we provide to Tasmanians in need are listed below:

  • Advocacy
  • Financial counselling
  • Support centres
  • Children’s activities and holiday programs
  • Disaster recovery
  • Drug and alcohol addiction support
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Employment support services
  • Friendship programmes, such as Dining with Friends
  • Home and hospital visitation
  • Homeless accommodation and support services
  • Food bank and food cards
  • Vinnies and Loui’s Vans mobile
  • School-based mentoring programs
  • Supported employment for people with a physical or mental disability
  • Vinnies Hubs
  • Member and Volunteer programs
  • Youth drop-in centres and programs
  • Youth programs