What is Spirituality?

Every culture, religion and person is unique and expresses spirituality in different ways. In broader terms, spirituality involves a search for meaning and purpose in life, through a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves (divine or sacred).

What is Vincentian Spirituality?

Vincentian spirituality can be described as the story that God is telling through the St Vincent de Paul Society by the living out of the charism of its founders and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This story is about Christian charity. This story is about Love.

Charism is…
A story to enter,
A language to speak,
A group to belong to,
A way to pray,
A work to undertake,
A face of God to see

Fr Claude Marechal

“You must have an inner life. Everything must tend in that direction. If you lack this, you lack everything

St Vincent de Paul