Vincent Industries

Providing meaningful opportunities for people with a disability.

Vincent Industries is an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). It was established in 1976 and provides work and training opportunities for those with a disability on the Northwest Coast. At this Special Work of the St Vincent de Paul Society, each supported employee gets the opportunity to participate in the workforce in a meaningful way, which creates a sense of self-worth and wellbeing.

Vincent Industries recycles clothing, footwear, and handbags for export to India and Malaysia. Clothing that is not suitable for export is processed into a range of cleaning cloths, which are sold to commercial, industrial, and domestic customers across Tasmania. They also supply cleaning cloths to mechanics, car detailers, mining companies, cleaning businesses, transport companies, and more.


Vincent Industries

38 Jackson Street
Wynyard TAS 7325

P (03) 6442 3538

F (03) 6331 0256



St Vincent de Paul Society (Tas) Inc.

191 Invermay Road

Invermay TAS 7248

P (03) 6333 0822